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boooring (31.12.04 6:21 pm)

Gods, where is everyone? The only person on my list to post a diary entry recently is the one who doesn't have time to write in her diary ever. The internet is so boring when I can't go poking my nose into other peoples' lives.

I finally bought the push-bike I've been meaning to get for three years. I also bought Shell one. We got the same bike, but mine's the 26" men's, and hers is the 24" ladies'. Mine's blue and hers is purplish-pink. We have lovely clashy helmets that are different shades of the same colours as our bikes. It's all very cute and sick and stuff.

It is New Year's Eve. AD2005 starts in 5 hours 36 minutes, according to the computer clock. I'm going to finally finish uni next year. For real. I only need three subjects. Three more! That's an underloaded semester, and I have two semesters to get it right! Thank the gods, it's almost finally over. Then I get to be a BSc. and go look for well paying jobs and everything.

My wife is nagging me to take her home so we can go for a pushbike ride. So I'll go. I'm eating the Lindt chocolates her parents gave me for Christmas.


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