From the Brain of Matty

brain dump (18.04.06 11:23 am)

My QOOC for the day: I think they think I'm some kind of god.

The new TTLGP front page is uploaded. Go look! I finished it over the weekend. Now I'll just keep hacking away at the bug/mod-list, and hopefully it'll all be done by Anzac Day. Then I might get some money for it!

Glen and Brad (the guys I spend half my time sitting next to) have gone to Mareeba so they can work more closely with Homefab (the longest-term ITX client we have; for whom they are the project manager and development team). So I just spent the morning cleaning and tidying the lab. It's so empty! But I discovered that we have two functional workstations (one pretty good, that I like to use; and one pretty old, but still working fine). We also have a little dodgy box that doesn't do anything, but appears to have a Knoppix disc in. And, for whatever reason, Brad J (my "assistant" sysadmin, who I haven't seen around for weeks) has set up some sort of server farm in the corner, built of a bunch of old throw-aways from the university, powered by a crappy little Windows Server 2003 box. I kinda just left it alone.

But yeah, it's so quiet downstairs now. I'll have to pop up and visit them some time (I haven't had much excuse/reason to go back to Mareeba since leaving in '97). Plus they forgot to take their cork-board, so I can deliver it for them.

Now I'm going to work on my thesis. My planned timetable is thus:

Week 9/10 (Apr.23-May.5):

Week 11 (May.7-12):

Week 12/13 (May.14-26):

Then I'll be ready to submit to my supervisor, and then (hopefully) submit to whomever one is supposed to submit these things. Which should leave me well and truly set for the official deadline (which I believe is at the end of the year), as well as hopefully having a publishable paper to submit for a conference in Tasmania in December (deadline for submissions is June 30, which is a month past when I'm hoping to have my thesis done).

Then I'll (hopefully) have all of next semester free for my two remaining honours subjects, and lots of teaching (and money-making).

Not to mention spending time with my family (which will, by that stage, number 3 !! ).

Anyway, that's my brain dump for the day. Ciao tutti!
Matty /<