From the Brain of Matty

Dawn of War: Dark Crusade (18.11.06 11:55 am)

Last night I continued my campaign for Tau. Having already annihilated the orkish menace, I turned on Chaos.

You've probably not played it before, so I'll describe the situation. You start in the bottom corner of the map, the final objective (the warp gate) is in the top corner. Along the way, at every choke point, is a sacrificial altar thing. And there's a timer. When the timer goes off (every 45 seconds or so) a pule of energy comes out of the altars and instantly kills every infantry unit you have in the immediate vicinity. (So I discovered, losing half of my forces in a single blink.)

My solution? I built a single machine beacon, and three skyray gunships. These, I discovered, can bypass the altars without a problem. They could also, I discovered, annihilate just about anything in their path, and so I scoured the entire eastern wing of the map up to the eastern corner, where they were eventually gunned down. Then I utilised my Mont'ka strategy, built three or four Skyrays, and two Hammerhead Gunships. These were able to eliminate all resistance on the eastern half of the map, destroyed all emplaced bolter turrets, made short work of any predators and defilers that were sent my way, and using their massed fire attack, the Skyrays obliterated the warp gate. In the process they had killed the Chaos leader and his elite guard of Obliterators and Khorne Berserkers without so much as a pause. Then, before I really knew what was happening, I had won. My infantray hadn't left the base, and were quite content with devouring the hordes of cultists that came in continual waves to attack me. I think I lost 5 infantry units and four Skyrays all campaign, after the devastation of my first batallion by the sacrificial altar.

Granted it was on Easy, but it shouldn't have been that easy.

Stupid Chaos.