From the Brain of Matty

father's day 2 (02.09.07 12:38 pm)

For my second father's day Bridget (and Shell) gave me a back-massaging seat cover thingy. I haven't turned it on yet because I don't have a spare power point.

This morning, as Shell's working, I took Bridget in to the city and we strolled around the Sunday markets there. Then we got an ice-cream (we shared it). And then we went down the Strand and Bridget discovered the Ocean. We stood on the edge and watched the little North Queensland waves ripple towards us. Then one swooshed up and got our feet (and my shoes) all wet.. which kind of scared Bridget a bit and she wanted to be picked up. But that didn't last long, and she was back standing on the wet sand, nervously holding my arm and waiting for the next wave. Then we took a long walk back to the car and she fell asleep in the pram, and we came home.

On another note, related to father's day, Shell is pregnant again. It still hasn't quite sunk in for me (I don't think it has for Shell yet either). It's so unexpected. I guess it'll start getting more real soon enough. Kind of exciting. Not as scary this time, since we already have one, and at least have an idea what it's like. It's still strange, though.