From the Brain of Matty

moving out (15.12.08 12:58 pm)

We have a house! (A rental.) It's very nice, in the middle of town (literally about 500m from B's daycare). Two-ish bedrooms, big fenced yard, air conditioners and screens, and a spa!!!. We haven't tried out the spa yet.

We're in the process of moving piece by piece. We signed the lease on Thursday. This Saturday past we emptied the storage sheds, and now we're moving all our stuff from Shell's parents' place. We might even have it finished today (most of the beds are already there). Conveniently Shell is at work today until 9pm.

So far I've torn up my left thumb with a hacksaw, and impaled my right thumb on a shattered fluorescent light bulb. (Fortunately that one bled like crazy, so I would have flushed out any icky chemicals.) Apparently I'm also very strong.

I'm definitely very tired.