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V-Day '09 (17.02.09 3:17 pm)

Another post from my work blag:

So, Valentine's Day was on Saturday. I took my lovely wife to a movie (Ghost Town) and Dinner (@ Mo-Mo's).

Ghost Town: a decent movie. I chuckled at some parts, which rarely happens at movies. I choose to interpret this as: "it was funny".

Mo-Mo's: Entrée: squid. Very nice; not just boring calamari rings. Main: a chicken gnocchi thing. Gorgeous. Perfect serving size, too. Dessert: caramelised pear. The rhubarb & ice-cream decoration was particularly yummy. The tart itself was alright. I mostly chose it because it was the only non-coffee thing on the menu. Drinks: XXXX Bitter. Been a while since I've had this. It's nice. I may switch back again (from VB). Also had a bit of my wife's limoncello. Imagine blue label (white) Sambucca, but replace the aniseed flavour with lemon dishwashing detergent. She seemed to like it, though.

All in all, it was a pleasant evening.