From the Brain of Matty

first in a few months (27.10.09 4:13 pm)

Well, hello there.

I am less than one year from being old now. Almost into my fourth decade. So, yeah.

Been playing D&D again too; this time as a player. We have a wiki. Guess who is the major contributor.

Actually on that, I may be guest-DMing a little encounter or two in a couple of months (when we finish the current adventure). Should be heaps fun, 4E is much easier to work through.

At work, I'm having a little bit of fun; my rebellious ignoring-the-boss-and-researching-my-own-solutions solutions are starting to be adopted by the rest of the developers.

Oh, and I applied for the Army Reserve. Still waiting to hear from a doctor so I can get cleared on my feet.

Movember is coming again. Donate for my mo. For significant donations I will accept photographic requests.

That is all.